Our award winning lineup of Intel based motherboards offer unique features and are built for the enthusiast.


EVGA motherboards are designed and tested to find the perfect balance of raw power and iron-clad stability. The EVGA motherboard lineup includes boards for die-hard gamers, hardcore overclocking, enterprise clients, and HTPCs.

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High gold content
High Layer PCB
Multi-Way SLI Support


Nobody understands the enthusiast more than EVGA.
The brand new GUI BIOS from EVGA is focused on functionality so you can get in, and get out.
No splash screens to click through, no enormous menus to scroll through, no steep learning curve.
The way a modern BIOS should be. Learn more about the new EVGA GUI BIOS here.

The new EVGA GUI BIOS can be navigated with a mouse, or keyboard.

All important information is right at the top of the BIOS, and able to be viewed at all times. Vital temperatures, CPU frequency, memory information and more.

Makes it easy to share BIOS images, or take a screenshot and save it for later reference!

Most importantly, it has all the important options that enthusiasts and overclockers crave.


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